Distinguished Veteran Mission



To equip men and women who have served honorably in the military with the essential life tools to enhance their personal and professional characters in order to continue a life of honorable service as civilians.

Who is the Distinguished Veteran:

Each branch of military service has a set of core values that is instilled in service members from day one.  Those core values are not only embraced while on duty, but are expected to guide us through life. 
The Distinguished Veteran stands on personal values.
In order to meet the mission objective, service members are physically trained and mentally prepared to face the toughest situations.  Challenges don’t end upon being discharged. 
The Distinguished Veteran is physically and mentally fit for life.
The military uniform is worn with pride, recognized by all, and unites an elite force marching in step to a syncopated cadence.  As veterans, we move to the beat of our own drum and a rhythm that is other than ordinary.  
The Distinguished Veteran distinguishes themself from the others.